Optimize Administrative Tasks

From providing a comprehensive Community Snapshot to ensuring organized Resident Archives, our platform simplifies operations. With customizable care levels, unlimited user accounts, and automated notifications, managing resident care becomes seamless. Rest assured, AL Advantage prioritizes data security and compliance with state regulations. Experience the difference with AL Advantage for efficient administrative management.

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Data Security

Ensure the security of your resident care data. Our state-of-the-art HIPAA-compliant Microsoft Azure data security and transfer capabilities offer unparalleled protection for your resident care records.

Custom Levels of Care

Ensure comprehensive tracking and coverage of all resident care costs. AL Advantage enables you to customize Levels of Resident Care, facilitating timely and accurate invoicing and efficient staffing allocation.

User Accounts

Worried about overspending on senior living software user fees? Your AL Advantage subscription enables the creation of unlimited user accounts within each community, offering another opportunity to save costs and enhance profitability.

Care Level Change Emails

Ensure timely and accurate invoicing with AL Advantage. Automatically email key staff whenever an Assessment change affects a resident’s Level of Care, ensuring real-time adjustments to invoicing information. This feature guarantees accurate billing for services rendered, resulting in justified core revenues that far exceed monthly AL Advantage subscription fees.

State Compliance Tools

Stay ahead of state care reporting compliances effortlessly. Avoid state licensing penalties or jeopardizing your license status by facing your next audit confidently and meeting your residents' needs effectively. AL Advantage compliance reports ensure you're always aware of residents due for reassessment and other regulatory requirements. With state-approved content, customizable text, and deadline reminders, caregivers stay up-to-date with all state care compliance requirements.

User Access Levels

Ensure controlled access to your community's resident care data. AL Advantage senior living management software offers controlled user access for Community and Regional Management, System Administrators, Standard Users, and "Med Techs". Grant or restrict access to different modules and communities within the AL Advantage platform based on specific User Access Levels, giving you greater control over your resident data.

Community Snapshot

Ensure you have real-time insights into your resident community data. Upon logging in, access your Community Snapshot (Dashboard). This screen presents essential clinical care metrics and links to related reports and detailed data, enabling your team to promptly monitor and address resident needs.

Expert Support

Access resident care software support whenever needed. AL Advantage offers expert senior living management software support, ensuring timely assistance. Our website features helpful information, and we provide 24/7/365 phone and email support. Additionally, we send email updates announcing new software features to enhance your team's effectiveness.

Cloud-Based Delivery

Access your care data and create reports remotely with ease. AL Advantage offers web-based delivery of your senior living management software and secure resident data, accessible 24/7/365 from any internet-connected device. Whether you're within your community, at home, or on the go, our SSL-secured cloud-based platform ensures real-time interaction whenever needed.

Resident Archives

Ensure preservation and easy retrieval of resident care data. Our cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, secure platform is engineered for quick and effortless access to archived resident records. Specific data of previous residents is never deleted, ensuring it's always available for later retrieval.