Our Story

At AL Advantage, our journey started in 2011 with the goal of simplifying elder care. Founded by senior care experts, we created user-friendly software to reduce paperwork, enhance care processes, and ensure compliance with state regulations. Our software, developed in collaboration with technology and care professionals, has been widely adopted and continuously improved. We focus on streamlining caregivers' tasks to allow for exceptional resident care and satisfaction.

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How it All Began

In 2011, a group of senior care experts and industry consultants recognized the need to simplify elder care. They were overwhelmed with paperwork, complex resident tracking, and increasing stress. They envisioned a software solution that would streamline these tasks, giving caregivers more time to focus on providing care.

After thorough research, they found no existing product met all their needs. So, they partnered with us to create AL Advantage Senior Living Software. This collaboration between cloud technology experts and senior care veterans resulted in a platform that significantly reduced paperwork, simplified care processes, and improved employee satisfaction.

Happening Today

Since its inception, AL Advantage has been successfully implemented in hundreds of senior care communities of various sizes. Our ongoing review and state-specific customizations ensure the software remains effective and user-friendly. Caregivers and senior care practitioners nationwide prefer our platform for its ability to ease their workload and enhance care quality.

Looking to the Future

We remain committed to leading the charge in streamlining caregivers' tasks, allowing them to deliver outstanding care. As the population ages, the demand for better senior care systems grows. Our goal is to provide the best tools for caregivers, ensuring excellent resident care, which in turn leads to happier residents, families, and community owners.

Happy Caregivers = Happy Residents = Happy Resident Families = Happy Community Owners

"Great program that is easy to use! This program allows staff to add/remove residents with ease and keep track of assessments and physician reports due. Care plans are populated with a click of a button."
Channa Kelly, Executive Director, Vista del Lago Memory Care


"AL Advantage provides me with easy 24/7 access with constantly changing upgrades and features to keep us in compliance. I have been a customer for approximately 5 years. I assure you that this software has made me and my team more efficient. Customer service is personalized and 24/7. A great product and team."
Vivian Fragiacomo, Owner & Administrator


"AL Advantage is extremely easy to use. It transfers information to various documents, reducing wasted time individually creating related documents, and creates intelligible reports. The program can easily support state-specific idiosyncrasies related to documentation requirements."
Kimberley Birkemeier, RN, MN, ARNP-BC, Nurse Consultant


"Great Product! Easy to use - Great reporting functionality. I can obtain useful information quickly. There isn't anything I really don't like about this software."
John Orten, Executive Director, MBK Senior Living


"I have personally used AL Advantage in three different companies and it's just absolutely wonderful and user-friendly. It's a great tool for our staff. Beneficial reports that help our community stay in compliance. One of the best Face Sheets I have seen. As a nurse, it is convenient when placing all the information for an incident; AL Advantage creates the exact state report needed."
Mariam Tawfik, LVN/Assistant Executive Director


"We used AL Advantage with my last company and had such a great experience we brought it to our new community. It's very user-friendly! We even have people with no computer experience able to use it."
Cyndi Erickson, Business Director, Monarch Cottage


"Fantastic Service! This product is VERY user-friendly. It helps you keep track of medical documents, charting, assessments, and service plans. Great value with little cost! Easy to teach staff to use and user-friendly. Customer service is Excellent."
Joon Lee, Executive Director, Sunny Rose Glen


"AL Advantage software has made record keeping efficient and accurate. The ease of use has significantly reduced the amount of time required to keep our residents' vital information up-to-date. AL Advantage continues to be responsive to our needs. Our staff loves AL Advantage!"
Becky Miller, Beehive Homes of Green Valley


"Easy to use, constantly improving, very intuitive! This was the answer to major concerns of our licensing body about our care plans and regular updates. Because AL Advantage tracks this information, it's easy to prove what we're doing and when."
Steven Mattingly, Executive Director, WoodPark AgeSong