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Efficient reporting is vital for senior care management, and AL Advantage delivers comprehensive reporting capabilities to streamline operations. From medication tracking to incident analysis, our platform offers a range of features designed to provide valuable insights and enhance decision-making. With customizable reports and real-time data access, AL Advantage empowers senior care providers to optimize resident care and drive better outcomes. Explore our reporting features today to unlock the full potential of your senior care management.

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Special Care Needs

Stay on top of your residents' special care needs effortlessly. The "Special Care Needs Report" offers a convenient summary of all your residents' special requirements at a glance. It covers essential items such as Oxygen, Catheter, Fall Concern, and more.

Bathing Schedules

Ease the burden on your staff when managing residents' required bathing. AL Advantage automates your bathing schedule directly from resident assessments, eliminating the need for additional planning or scheduling. Our bathing report provides a clear overview of which days and shifts are scheduled for each resident, streamlining the process for your staff.

Resident Contacts

Ensure all your residents' key contacts are easily accessible when needed. Centralizing your residents' contacts saves time, simplifies coordination, and enhances notification, particularly during critical moments. With "type-once" data entry, resident contacts are automatically included in the Resident Face sheet and various other reports, streamlining your workflow.

Laundry Scheduling

Effortlessly organize resident laundry schedules with AL Advantage. Streamline laundry management by generating schedules directly from Resident Assessments. No extra work is needed; the schedule shows which days and shifts are designated for laundry, along with a checklist of each resident's requirements.

Staffing Estimates

Optimize your care resource allocation. With AL Advantage's Full Time Equivalent (FTE) report, efficiently manage your community's senior care coverage. This report estimates the number of caregivers needed to fulfill all residents' assessed care needs, maximizing cost-effectiveness and improving business outcomes.

Flexible Report Formats

Escape the limitations of a single file format for your output documents. AL Advantage printing and reporting functions offer a range of formats, allowing you to export your data in a layout that suits your needs. Throughout the platform, you can access Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe PDF formats for enhanced flexibility.

Service Plan Notes

Effortlessly track historical decisions and plans regarding a resident's care. AL Advantage ensures that "Type-once" Service Plan meeting evaluation notes seamlessly integrate into all subsequent Service Plans. These notes can be conveniently printed, allowing all involved parties in the meeting to view historical and current resident care developments.

Leave of Absence Tracking

Ensure seamless notification of off-site residents to your departments. With AL Advantage resident "Leave of Absence" status feature, your staff can easily access up-to-date status on every resident who is off-site. Our "type-once" data management enables key departments to be notified via reports such as "Special Diets," "Special Care Needs," and others.

Incident Analysis

Empower your care team to minimize resident risks and reduce incidents. Easily create compliant incident reports with AL Advantage, enabling you to track trends that assist in identifying the root cause of issues.