Experience Seamless Senior Care Management

AL Advantage offers an integrated solution for streamlining senior care operations. From resident assessments to medication management and incident tracking, our user-friendly platform empowers caregivers to deliver exceptional care while enhancing efficiency. With customizable options and reliable support, AL Advantage is the trusted choice for senior care providers. Experience the difference today.

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Caregiving Simplified

AL Advantage optimizes caregiver time and efficiency through “type-once” EHR data management. Resident Assessments and Service Plans are easy to create, plus you can track incidents, leaves of absence and care level changes to reduce errors and improve outcomes.

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Improved Compliance

Capture relevant data, create custom reports and simplify communications to improve resident care. Our helpful reminders and state-specific forms help you maintain compliance and avoid violations, improving your reputation and attracting new residents.

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Caring for the Caregiver

As senior care needs increase & caregiver shortages continue to grow, retaining qualified staff is critical. Our senior living facility software reduces caregiver workload and stress, resulting in lower turnover, freeing your team to focus on caring for residents.


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Features & Benefits

Data Management and Entry
  • "Type-Once" Data Entry
  • Care Data Entry Accountability
  • Data Entry Hours Minimized
  • Every User's Data Entry Tracked
Customized and Responsive Care
  • Customized Care Levels
  • Instant Care Level Change Notifications
  • 100% Care Cost Coverage
  • Immediate Care Invoicing Accuracy
Compliance and Scheduling
  • State Compliant Service Plans
  • Shower & Laundry Services Scheduling
  • Improved State Licensing Audits
  • Facilities and Staff Optimized
Health and Safety Monitoring
  • Diet and Allergies Tracking
  • Resident Incident Emails
  • Timely Resident Incident Reporting
  • Diet-related Risks Eliminated
Staff and Incident Management
  • Leave of Absences Tracking
  • Care Staffing Estimates Provided
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Incident Prevention Enhanced
  • Daily Staff Awareness
Oversight and Monitoring
  • Multi-Community Management
  • Community Snapshot - Summary Page
  • Remote Care Monitoring
  • Critical Care Needs Highlighted
  • Excess Staff and Costs Minimized

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