Comprehensive Resident Care Features

From assessments to charting and incident reporting, our comprehensive features simplify documentation and enhance communication among staff. Real-time updates minimize errors, while valuable insights empower administrators to make informed decisions. Experience the difference with AL Advantage - the preferred choice for senior care providers nationwide.

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Resident Charting

AL Advantage simplifies resident charting with its detailed, easily editable, and time-stamped format. Entries can be flagged as "late entry" if needed, ensuring accuracy and accountability. Plus, no entry can be accidentally deleted, safeguarding crucial data. With search and alert features, you can monitor residents effectively, providing a more comprehensive view of their care needs.

Height, Weight & Vitals

Ensuring residents' long-term health is essential for addressing emerging medical concerns. AL Advantage offers a streamlined method to track Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Pulse, Respiration, Temperature, Oxygen Levels, and Notes for each resident. Reports highlight trends in this vital information over a 6-month period, directly sourced from the resident chart for efficient long-term monitoring.

Resident Assessments

Improve resident care tracking effortlessly with our Resident Assessment tool. It efficiently evaluates care needs upon admission and continuously reassesses as care requirements evolve. Our state-compliant and detailed assessments ensure accuracy in establishing care fees. Whether opting for customizable tiered "Levels of Care," points-based fees, or a la carte services, you can easily track and manage care costs. Need a standard Resident Assessment form for your state? We've got you covered!

Diet & Allergy Tracking

Ensure your food service staff stays informed about residents' dietary needs and allergies with AL Advantage Resident Diet Summary. This detailed report provides up-to-date information on dietary preferences, allergies, and changes, helping prevent costly allergic reactions and promoting better health outcomes through monitoring various health-related diets such as diabetic, heart-healthy, low salt, and low fat options.

Service Plans

Simplify your compliance with Service Plans effortlessly. Creating a compliant Service Plan no longer requires hours of preparation. Our "type-once" data entry seamlessly integrates Resident Assessment and Caregiver instructions into your Service Plan. Easily add additional plan items by selecting from our Library of pre-written goals and interventions, carefully curated by compliance experts. With streamlined documentation of resident needs, our platform ensures compliance effortlessly.

Incident Notifications

Keep your management informed about accidents or incidents. AL Advantage features automated "Incident Notifications" that instantly send email alerts to key staff whenever an Incident Report is generated. This real-time notification empowers your team to proactively address resident safety concerns, ensuring compliance with state regulations.

Face Sheets

AL Advantage streamlines resident assessment data, seamlessly flowing from the Community, Resident, Face, and Contacts modules to generate a comprehensive resident data profile "Face Sheet." This document offers a snapshot of all relevant data for caregivers, medical teams, and support staff. Easily view or print all key resident data as a PDF or Word document.

Care Review with Family

Keep resident family members informed with ease: our Resident Assessment Tool and Service Plan serve as effective communication channels. Written resident care plans, including care goals and expected clinical outcomes, can be reviewed and discussed with family members and responsible parties, keeping them engaged with resident care actions and expectations.

Incident Reports

Simplify State-required resident incident reporting with AL Advantage. Our senior living software streamlines the capture, measurement, documentation, and communication of all State-required incident data. Enter incident details like location, witnesses, actions, injuries, and notifications in our system, then easily view, distribute, or print the Incident Report for future reference and review.

Caregiver Instructions

Bridge the gap between intake meetings and caregivers seamlessly. AL Advantage generates caregiver instructions in the Resident Summary report, directly sourced from the Assessment development process. This ensures a direct line of communication to caregivers at the most opportune time: during intake, when residents and their families express their care requirements.

Medication Management

Track resident medications effortlessly with AL Advantage. Our software enables you to enter, review, and print medication details, PRN lists, physician's orders, emergency information, and more for each resident. Choose between downloadable Medication Management forms or an eMAR add-on for comprehensive online medication tracking within your community.