Community Owner Benefits

As a senior living community owner, you need senior living software that’s user friendly and adapts as your business needs change. Our easy-to-use platform maintains a secure, integrated record for each resident – all within one cloud-based tool that your staff can access anytime, from anywhere. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll discover when implementing AL Advantage senior living facility software.

100% Care Cost Coverage

Customizable Resident Care Levels ensure 100% care cost coverage for effective profit margin management. All Resident Care Level changes are instantly emailed to Accounting staff to allow for immediate resident billing adjustments. This automatic software notification feature pays for the cost of our senior living facility software ten times over.

Your Community Snapshot

Owners and staff value 24/7/365 access to each community’s current care status measurements from anywhere via the web. A real-time “Community Snapshot” is shown for all users at login, also offering them task reminders and latest care level statistics. Instant email notifications of all Resident incidents can be sent to appropriate staff members for prompt action as well.

Care Staffing Estimates

Industry standardized time estimates by care level allow for more accurate allocation of required care staffing, for optimum care coverage on a daily basis. As resident care needs change, staffing schedules can be adjusted.

Multi-Community Detail

Oversight of multiple care communities allow for extensive owner and executive level management. Remote real-time care monitoring can be done by all levels of staffing; local, regional and executive levels. Upgraded plans for multi-community companies also offer centralized care cost access and combined site reporting.

Highest Level Data Security

HIPAA approved, Microsoft – Azure Cloud Services provide the highest level of electronic health record (EHR) data security and storage available. Community owners and managers can also match various levels of resident data access to appropriate levels of caregivers and staff.

Data Retention

All of your AL Advantage resident data is yours to own and access, as needed, from the first day of software use. In addition, the data is automatically archived and real-time stamped for future reference. Historical EHR data is readily available for medical history research, reporting or litigation support, as required.

State & HIPAA Compliant

State-specific Resident Assessments, Incident reports, Service Plans, care forms and management reports minimize care compliance violations. AL Advantage data archiving, required formats and access functions meet State and Federal law care data reporting and protection requirements.

Staff Turnover Reduced

AL Advantage’ “type-once” data entry feature automatically populates related data fields, forms and reports throughout the care platform, eliminating duplicate typing and piles of paperwork. Streamlined processes and helpful reminders allow caregivers to give more care to residents, than to computer keyboards. This reduces staff stress levels and improves employee retention.

Customer Support

Access to our software support team is available whenever needed, via phone or email. Over 40 self-help “FAQ’s” within the senior living community software are also readily available for immediate and common software usage solutions.