Senior Care Management Software Features

Explore the dynamic capabilities of our senior care management software, where vital data effortlessly flows throughout the system, integrating seamlessly with various modules, reports, and tools. Experience a streamlined approach to managing senior care, ensuring efficiency and accuracy at every step of the process.


Resident Care

AL Advantage covers a comprehensive range of resident care needs, facilitating assessments, service planning, charting, and maintaining face sheets. It also streamlines incident reporting, manages electronic medication administration records (MARs), and tracks dietary requirements and allergies. With incident notifications and the ability to record heights, weights, and vitals, it ensures thorough and efficient care management for residents.

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Our administrative tools provide a comprehensive overview of community status with the Community Snapshot feature, while Resident Archives ensure organized and accessible resident records. Customizable care levels cater to individual needs, complemented by the flexibility of unlimited user accounts and various access levels. Stay informed with care level change emails and rely on expert customer support for assistance. Our system prioritizes data security and compliance with state regulations, supported by state compliance tools for peace of mind.

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Our reporting capabilities encompass a wide array of essential aspects in senior care management. From tracking medications and treatments to documenting leave of absences and service plan notes, our system ensures thorough record-keeping. Special care needs are addressed with precision, while staffing estimates aid in resource planning. Incident analysis facilitates understanding and improvement of care processes. Additionally, our system streamlines laundry and bathing schedules for efficient operations. Custom care reports provide tailored insights to meet specific needs and preferences.

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Care Tracker

Relying on notepads to track services and care information can lead to staff frustration, missed services, and decreased revenue. AL Advantage's Care Tracker offers a modern, mobile-friendly alternative. It enables real-time documentation and tracking of resident Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) within your familiar software interface. With just a click, you can effortlessly confirm both scheduled and unscheduled services, minimizing human error and maximizing revenue.

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